October 17th, 2007

What I've Been Doing

Tried to post this last night and LJ crashed...so here I go again. My last several days of leaf pictures, and a photo I took at the cemetary on Sunday. Below are pictures of the Zetti ATCs I did the other day. Yesterday I sat in a meeting all day long and drew many preliminary pictures for some Edward Gorey-style ATCs I am swapping out later this month. Then last night I started a couple small sculptures for doll heads -- another swap project due at the end of the month. Pictures of those maybe later tonight... 

2013 Nano Winner

Day 17

Back to eHow again, this time with a ten-step article making colored pencil realism relatively easy. I did a pretty small project and focused on color shading, using a 24 color set of pencils so that I don't scare beginners into buying a 72 color set of Prismacolors just to start off with. (Though I recommend a 72 or 120 color set for beginners since it is much easier to choose the right colors in the pencils and shade into near neighbors than to get good results with a small set.)

The article is How to Shade with Colored Pencils and despite my Internet being briefly down, it came back so I could finally post it and this post. :)

More later, and I'll put in an LJ-cut if I post more art. :)

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day 17 - such a typical journal page and you can't see!

Today's post will be just words.

I started with a ground layer of Titanium Buff, scumbled over the page. I love this color as a starting point. I blended in Thalo blue and green, and then stamped a row of circles down the page in Thalo blue, using a wine bottle cork as my stamp.

And then I wrote.

I drew in stitching to highlight various boxes of text. Collaged in images of two girls, and some found text.

I forgot that I needed to photograph the finished page, and the journalling got too personal to share. Sorry.
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day 17

another long, busy day spent away from home.
did some painting, but it was of some outdoor steps, not artistic painting. :)
felt queasy again this evening so i didn't get much done.
i did work on ATCs, but i didn't finish any tonight.
tomorrow, i'm going to try to take it easy.
and maybe i will get more done.
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Just a thought

I'm not sure how long this group has been around but I find my work, as a photographer, dominated by the fall images that come with October.  Any consideration of making this month rotate?  Maybe every 11 months so next year it would be September, 2009 would be August?

I'm not trying to force anything I would just hate to produce 31 works each year that are dominated by the same, short-lived season.  As much as I love autumn I, personally, would be much better served if there was some rotation.

Just throwing it out there.