October 18th, 2007

Been busy...

I've been busy with my business and will be today also. Tonight I will be at the Waterwheel cafe unless fatigue hits me too much. I'll do enough then to make up for lost days.

Then I have three days off to work up some good drawings based on my musician sketches.

Maureen, if you see this, next Thursday is Scott night. But it would be great to see you tonight. The cafe's website has who it is tonight. I don't know by name. I recognise many of these guys by sight. Maybe I had better start learning their names.

I am really tired.


Day 17 & 18

Day 17

Day 17 - It was interesting using one of my own photos rather than a magazine image as a result this one has a very different feel than anything I’ve done so far I think. The image is one I’ve used many times for both small scale and larger scale works. This was the remnants from a gel transfer so the chairs were initially rather faded. I used Sap Green, cream (folk art paint) and Hansa Yellow for the base and Cad Red for the chair. I then used Diarylide Yellow for the sunflower and surrounding circle. I initially tried Payne’s Gray for the darker elements but didn’t like the bluish cast so opted for Burnt Umber which worked nicely with the red. I did add some Bone Black along the bottom. There are a TON of layers and washes and additions of colour in this piece. Sometimes you just can’t rush the muse. I was all ready to photograph it and it suddenly cried out for some linear additions to the upper left corner - an edging of ArtPrint Brown ink and we called it a day!

Day 18

Day 18 - I knew immediately seeing this magazine image that I would base the colour scheme on Turquoise (Pthalo) - and I’m really starting to appreciate the Pthalos as much as my beloved Quins! - Titanium white and silver (folk art paint) though I used Payne’s Gray for the dark elements. I relied heavily on my heat gun to create the bubbling to add texture, wiping and washing to create all the highlights, lowlights in this piece. As soon as I added some silver ink (scuffed over the top with my ink pad) I knew I needed to add some metal and as I thought real metal might overpower the overall look, I opted for stitching with silver wire. Reminiscent of medical staples though I’m completely at a loss to what THAT inference is, it’s best to not question the muse!
2013 Nano Winner

Day 18

Ehow again, with How to Draw Smooth Tonal Layers in Colored Pencil. I rated it Moderately Challenging because that was difficult for me to learn compared to filling areas with heavily burnished colored pencils, but some beginners get that more or less on the first try and have trouble going heavily. So the article is geared to those that have trouble getting soft color from dark or bright pencils.

The art is a huge change from my usual realism, and I was surprised it came out well for what it was. I don't usually like doing geometric abstracts at all, but I needed a design that would work in flat light tonal layers. This challenge is getting me going in so many new directions! Thanks folks!
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October 18th

As I was saying the other day, I haven't had a lot of free time for arting sadly, but I managed to squeeze in a *tad* today, as we settled into our new temporary "home" in Madison, Wisconsin for the next month or two (anyone here in the area?)

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october 18

tonight is the start of my "working weekend", moonlighting all weekend on a local wellness publication, for which i am art director/production person. so instead of sitting at the artTable when i come home from the office, i have to sit at the computer. but it's money! so i only had time to finish the other old lady collage that i started earlier this week. i have quite a few in progress, so it is good to feel a little "ahead" of myself. i actually like this one more than the first one.


I want to count this as one day's post. I am behind so it is a couple of days ago's post.

I sang a lot today while at work and driving the car. My voice teacher many years ago told me not to do that. But it is open mike night tonight and I may just sing. It is one of my favorite things to do in the world.

I'm not going to post the singing. Telling you is enough to say I did something very creative today. Actually I worked a lot on technique, so that doesn't count as creativity, but it is part of developing an art, so it counts for me.

I feel a deep sense of peace. Singing does that for me.

The songs I sang are,

Tori Amos- Northern Lad, Pandora, Little Earthquakes

Patti Smith- Because the Night

Working on

Janis Joplin- Try

and parts of other songs.

Tracey Nelson- Down So Low.

I sang my voice to fatigue. Not sure I can perform tonight. But the practise happened and the voice will develop.

Thank you for being with a different art form from me.

Please count this as a post.

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day 18

did a lot of ATCs between early this morning (1am) and this evening.
my favorite ones look funny on the scanner,
so i'm going to wait until tomorrow to take photos of them with the digicam.
(i prefer natural light to flash)

i'll probably spend the rest of the night working on a scrapbook layout.
since i don't expect to accomplish much in the way of art/scrapping tomorrow.
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