October 19th, 2007

Day 19

Day 19

Day 19 - The cover on the chair has sort of a ponyhair aesthetic so I decided to break out my crackle medium again. Yellow Iron Oxide and Quin Gold were laid as a wash with the medium layered over once dry. I used a mixture of magnolia white (folk art paint) and Quin gold for the top coat. Interestingly I dried the crackle medium with my heat gun and found the crackling didn’t work quite as well as when air dried. I’ll have to remember that for future reference! I let the heat gun bubble the paint and kept adding Quin Gold, white, a bit of Bone Black, wiping off to create the texture, aged look I was going for. I decided to try using my India Ink and quill pen to create some marks - fyi back in the day I did a LOT of pen and ink drawings - which scritched the surface creating some uneven lines. NOT what I was looking for. I added the modified quote, "We can’t all be cowboys." paraphrased from a Counting Crows song (Goodnight Elizabeth). I’ve always loved the sentiment. Having some remaining ink, I decided to spritz the surface for some final texture and to balance out my wonky lines.
2013 Nano Winner

Day 19

Ugh. I've got a cold and slept a lot, went to bed early last night, got up for an hour at about four in the morning, went back to bed, slept till nine, have been drug out all day. But I did another article: How to Draw a Clear Glass in Conte crayon which came out decent, using gray paper this time to show how black and white look cool on gray. I don't think I've done that on these articles before. But I bought the Strathmore Gray Scale pad several years ago and hadn't used it yet, so why not?

I don't know if I'll do any more today since the cold has me so drug out. Kitten's dosing me with herbal tea to try to knock it out and I ate lunch. I think it's "feed a cold, starve a fever" isn't it?

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I may do some more tonight or not, if I do I'll add them within the LJ-cut. So far even with the cold it's not stopping me from doing a neat botanical, the first ACEO is a tiger lily in colored pencil if you want to click.
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Well, I sort of fell off the wagon. I've done a good deal of work, but not 19 day's worth. My creativity and motivation just died a while back, and I know better than to force myself when that happens. 

I'd say the fact that I plan on staying awake for 24 solid hours tomorrow and creating a 24 page comic sort of makes up for it though. 

In the meantime, I sketched this today to test out a new pen and to kill a little time. It took 10 minutes or less.


The mouth placement is bugging me. ._.

Waterwheel cafe; October 19th

George played around midnight so I am putting this one for today and the previous post for yesterday. I am behind so maybe tonight I can get some more complete drawings done of him and post them for other days.

From an 8 1/2" x 11" sketchbook featuring mostly musicians. Not accurate. For practise. George is a studio musician. He mentioned something once about an Emerson Lake and Palmer album. Not sure which one.

He's more of a friend so I don't bring up who he has worked for much in conversation. But yeah he is an excellent musician. He is that level which makes his demeanor onstage very relaxed. He has a strong presence onstage even as a bassist. He told me last night I should draw more and that these guys I draw will be famous and that I should have drawings of them. I draw who moves me. The who will be famous thing doesn't matter. They are all nice and I haven't drawn all who I see. Just who moves me.

But yeah, I have been seeing some astonishingly great guitar playing at this place. I was skeptical at first when I heard of it because I have been around accomplished musicians. But like Wow!I don't know that I can draw everything I see and hear at this place.

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day 19

did most of this layout previously, i was just waiting for some embellishments to arrive.
they came today, so i was finally able to complete this one and the layout after the cut.
another productive day.

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Day Nineteen

I know that there is no "natural" flow to this image.  Look at it and, while that flow isn't there, I think you'll see the natural flow in the original design which is violently over-run by the post-industrial modifications.  I have been wanting to take a portion of this shot for a long time and, overall, the structure is incredible but this one study of competing designs took over.
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