October 20th, 2007

2013 Nano Winner

Day 20 ACEO

I did the second flower ACEO in my series of three on gray Strathmore paper, and wrote an article on How to Draw an ACEO or ATC that I rated Easy, since I provided a clean design with simple outlines and suggested simpler ways of coloring than I've done. In my experience coloring in small areas heavily is one of the easiest things to do in colored pencil anyway, but let me know if the article's good in general as well as on how to do this ACEO design. If I left out anything important, please comment here and let me know, I'll go edit it in!

I'll add an LJ-cut as usual if I add any more artwork later today. Like maybe doing the third ACEO in this group.

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Still here

I'm doing creative stuff each day, mostly taking pictures, but I often don't get a chance to upload them. Here's one from yesterday. It's a leaf that got stuck on my fence. I'm not thrilled with the composition but I like the texture of the wood.

Fence Leaf

My enthusiasm got a big boost yesterday when I sold a piece of art! :-)

october 20

ha ha. don't ask me! i was under the influence!
(but having fun...)

painted a little in the pencam book, made enchiladas, shopped.
and mostly worked.

hopefully i'll sneak a bit more time at the artTable tomorrow.