October 21st, 2007

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MOFOs Day 19 and 20

Backtracking a bit - I'm a little busy lately so just been distracted lol. I've been working on things, yes, but haven't really been documenting. I took some photos on the 19th but they all came out pretty blurry. I only have a few from yesterday... same problem. Shaky! I haven't been sleeping enough lol!

So remember the moths.. I've fixed them fast to canvas now and I'm in the process of painting over them and things... I'm determined to finish them this weekend, so soon! There has been more work done to them since this photo, also.

I collaged some texture to this one and gessoed it over - can't see it very well.. but you can see some of the tape and fabrics i collaged on. I'm rebuilding the composition of the texture, so hopefully this time when I paint it it won't be as much of a disaster lol

I've also worked more on the little ones, but my photo came out really blurry. RIP to one of them - one of my fishies were destroyed earlier today when I grabbed a can of retouch varnish instead of fixative and sprayed it to seal in graphite I had put on it. oops.

And I've been drawing more on the angel grinder. I'm determined to finish this this weekend also, so I'm planning on taking off here real soon and going to the tree house... reference only a handful will get... to work on it.

I know I'm a ridiculous multitasker and y'all are wonder when the hell I'm actually going to finish one of the billions pf projects I started this month - lol! But. I love to work on a whole pile of things, and just randomly work for a few weeks and eventually it all comes together. This is usually why when I post work in my blog, I post clumps of it at once... I'm more productive that way! I donno why. I get a lot done though - it just all gets done usually around the same time. hrm.

When I get grinder done I will work more on previous drawings I started also.... o_________o

Happy Mofoing!
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Mechan Ghost
mechan ghosts

I might repeat a few of these....sometimes I get a different idea for where I want to go with it *after* I've finished. And that's the wonder of digital play, that you can use the same base and end up somewhere completely different!

days 20 and 21 - the doll who is the symbol of our inner life

I know I mentioned weaving in my intro or one of my earlier posts. I have been working my way through a woven journey of the self, following the seven keyforms in Susan Barrett Merrill's book, ZATI The Art of Weaving a Life.

One keyform I struggled with for about a month was the doll. I had a hard time expressing myself in this form. I finally was able to create this portrait of the person I will soon be. I put the grey streak in the hair to tell you that I'm looking forward to growing older. I feel good about the journey through the years, because age can be very liberating. As I define myself with more clarity, I also set myself free of others' defintions of me. The blue and purple streaks are both a promise and a poke at conventionality. Will I be a blue-haired old lady some day? Sure...blue, purple, red...whatever colors my heart desires.

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I think yesterday sort of makes up for falling off the wagon. I participated in 24 Hour Comics day - doing a page an hour, with a result of 24 pages in a single day. And I somehow suceeded. 

This is about 17 hours in. 

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It was a pretty amazing experience. I wound up being awake for for 36 straight hours, and I suffered many maladies as a result of this madness. I have three calluses on my hand now where there once was only one, my hand hurt a great deal, etc. At one point I even felt like throwing up, and when it was all over I think I might have actually hallucinated from being so tired. 

It was worth it. :)

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seelie princesses
The Seelie Princesses; Dymphanae & Suighna
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I'm kinda cramming in a bunch of art-time today, since I know that during the coming week I probably won't have a whole lot of free time...but also, once you get into "that space," why not stay there and have fun??

Part of the fun of doing artwork for me is creating stories in my head...doesn't happen all the time, but sometimes these characters evolve and start taking on personalities...which lead to interactions between them. (psychosis, lol??)

I think I need to find more models, people who I can photograph in different settings and whatnot. Most of these are actually magazine ads/professional models/etc that I've just messed around with.

Day 20 & 21...

Day 20

Day 20 - Given my state of mind (first cold of the season :( ), I'm not going to be too hard on myself for this one. And it didn't turn out so horribly bad, having a sort of swirly, leaf-in-the-air quality that matches the weather. Well today’s weather at any rate. Yesterday was rainy and blowy and gloomy which matched my mood! I couldn’t just sit down and match the colour of the chair background. Nope. I kept trying to recreate it ON the paper. Yes. A brain dead and less than successful attempt, to be sure, but the main colours used were Quin Burnt Orange (too red!) and gold (folk art paint) though I did try an undercoat of Iridescent Gold (fine) initially. Still not blue enough. But for some unknown reason I just couldn’t bear to break out a blue for this. Which of course WOULD have given me the right colour. What can I tell you?!? I DO like the bubbly texture and swirly effect though more closely akin to Halloween than this chair! *shrug*

Day 21

Day 21 - A clear indication that I cannot divorce myself from where my mind is at when I create. My son had his World Duathlon Championship race today and things were going along swimmingly - I was following along online - when his name/number disappeared after the second bike lap. Still haven’t heard what happened. Hence the words stamped into this piece: "And Time Stood Still". I split the magazine image in three as it was quite large for the paper but I still wanted to include the entire thing. This way it’s more spaced out. A wash of Cobalt Turquoise - simply because that colour had been part of the previous collage and I liked the effect with the black/silver image - then I troweled in some Titanium white adding texture which I washed with black ebony (folk art colour) to bring out the crevices. I tried some washes of turquoise in larger circles within the white band but didn’t like it so I inked the circle & lines added a dot of turquoise then using metal stamps added the words. A gentle scrub of ebony into the lettering and I’m all done.

That's it for the Chair Theme. Next up - BIcycle BIcycle!
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MOFOs Day 21 - PaintPaintPaint!

Angel Grinder
4x9 inches
Graphite on Paper

Ok first off - finished! As promised. Hung out earlier today in the tree house drawing! The tree house? Ok Monday night I met a guy at figure drawing and we got emailing and turns out he has a tree house! We checked it out in the middle of the night the other day... it was great! I went back today just to hang out and draw since it was just an amazing day here today... probably one of the last few nice days of the year.

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I've been awake since 2 am and have been working my way through the majority of the day. o___o
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Day 21 - revised

The shot I posted for today was not my favorite pic of the fellow in the makeup.  Initially I could not figure out what was bothering me about the other and how I could 'fix' it.  It turns out that coming back to it more rested was the answer.  I was able to crop it slightly and get it to where I liked it.  I guess I shouldn't have rushed to post the Sunday pic....

It lost a little bit of flow but the distractions that were eliminated were far more important.

If you are interested....
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october 21

the daily pencam must wait until tomorrow when i can plug into the office PC.
oops. i didn't go out today!!!!
scrabbling to find pencam and shoot really messy artTable...

this evening, quit the moonlighting and worked on some collages.

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day 21

took some photos in the backyard and in the garden area outside my door.
this was the best image out of the bunch.
a lot of the shots were blurry because of the light.
maybe i will to take some more at a different time of day, to see how they turn out.
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more day 21

i think this is done.
i might pick up another formal type of embellishment.
all depends on if i see anything that will work with it.
i'm thinking maybe some sort of rose or flower/corsage.
a rather quickly done layout.
most of the work came from the making 3 sets of the letters.
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