October 23rd, 2007

Contour Drawing Session

No image. Tonight I did some gesture contour drawings to loosen myself up some more. No drawing exists. I did nupastel sketches in sepia on rough charcoal paper and then erased each one with a chamois.

It's kind of like, well, piano players do scales and don't record them. It's more about practise than loosening up. Plus it saves paper.

I'd like to get this to be a daily habit before going to bed and in the morning. Doing it before bed etches practise in the mind and in the morning it gets the wheels going for the day.


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Been following the discussion but not posting much over the last few days. I spent the weekend finishing up a couple Dia de los Muertos dolls that I mailed out this morning...and also made a few more ATCs. Took some more photos of the neighborhood, and drew/doodled/sketched a bunch. I think there's some discipline and a benefit to posting here, even if I don't put pictures up every day. I am feeling more directed -- I don't procrastinate quite as much. I still have a lot of internal argument with myself about how to proceed, but I am actually DOING something...

Here are my "Orange Catrina" dolls. I sculpted the heads, hands and feet using Sculpey polymer clay. I made the heads over wooden clothespins, then attached the legs and arms to that base. The arms and legs were made from twisted pipe cleaners, and I created bodies by wrapping the clothespins and pipecleaners with cheesecloth. After I finished the dolls I decided to add some more depth by painting with grey acrylic...I think they came out really well. The dresses and hats are all hand sewn. I don't claim these to be very human looking...

Friday's windstorm...Saturday's surviving leaves... Sunday's landfall...Monday hanger's on...



Day ????

Well, I am still hanging in there but I have not had time to post any pictures. Work has been crazy for me, and since I don't have internet at home I have not really had the chance to keep up with all of you on the posting and the sharing. I have still kept busy each day for the most part. I think I may have missed one or two in there where I worked on home remodeling instead. I have been finishing handmade christmas cards and handmade ornaments to go with them. I started some photo albums that I am making by hand to give as christmas gifts. I did some ATC's one saturday just to play around a little bit with some of the art supplies I own- I have been so inspired to use my supplies from this community! I also did a lot of journaling because working in my journal seems to be what I do when I am just too tired. I will try to start posting pictures again- I skimmed the pictures that I have missed and you guys are all doing some awesome work!

Two Pieces

Using the same base image

ophelian complex
Ophelian Complex

black orchid
Black Orchid

I might redo the second one, since I'm not happy with how "smoothed out" the portion on the right side of the face is, compared to the texture on the left side, but we'll see. It just seems a bit unbalanced to me.
2013 Nano Winner

Day 23

How to Draw Light Colored Hair generated this neat little graphite portrait of a woman I don't even know. I took her from a magazine ad and made some changes anyway, I doubt she'd recognize herself. I think I lopped off about 20 or 30 years just due to not going into her wrinkles much -- but the point of the drawing was her silver hair, and that's its title: Silver Hair.

I might add more later under an LJ-cut, since I still have an osprey's head to draw in Derwent Drawing Pencils that's not for an article.

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Day 23

Day 23

Day 23 - An image from my collection of design catalogues was an obvious choice for this week’s theme. It makes me giggle. And still being sick I needed a laugh! Being so small I knew I needed something behind the image so chose a snippet of wrapping paper that had the perfect combination of turquoise and burnt orange. First a wash of both, then went in with quite a bit of pigment and dried with the heat gun which formed the "tree/branch" effect. I glued on both paper and image to the right of this.

Needing something to anchor the vertical elements, horizontally, I added a fairly pigmented strip across all layers. The butt looked a little stark by contrast so added some turquoise (pthalo blue) and "blew" it northward with my heat gun. Perfect! I left the gun on to bring out a bit of bubbly texture along the edges then scuffed Gold Metal (Modern Options) to highlight them.

Not obvious here, but because of some extraneous glue from the paper used to create the strip, I had to add a layer of matte medium. I really didn’t like the look and so added some Pourable Medium from Liquitex as a final coat. The piece is quite glossy which really brings out the colours on this piece.
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Day 23

I'm not sure why this appeals to me but it seems almost like a Rorschach Test.  This was taken directly across the street from one of the previous pics and I saw it the day I took the other and made a note.  Today it was calling to me to capture it's portrait.

I don't know any real psych theory so I'll put my interpretation out there... I see two army helmets and three fists reaching out toward me.  Feel free to interpret :)

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day 23

i think this might be a little busy, but i don't really feel like dealing with it anymore.
not feeling particularly inspired today. it's been pretty humid all day and it's making me sluggish.
i have some ideas for some layouts but right now i really need to just print out photos.
i just don't want to run out of photos to scrap on Saturday.
that happened once before at an all day crop and it sucked.
so, i just need to spend some time preparing.

day 23 - a new journal

Designs, charts, notes and bits. I have a small pile of this on my desk. Actually, I have several small piles of this all over the house, but it's the bits relating to my weaving that I want to turn into something. Naturally, I've started a journal for it. You met the real loom yesterday, so this is a step back in the process. This loom shows one warp thread, the red one that helps you find your center.

If I could change one thing, it would be that I should not have run the subtitle over the top of drawing of the loom. It gets muddled. I may try to lift some of the color around the words, just to see if that makes better sense.