October 25th, 2007


Combo Meal

Today's piece is fiber related...and photography! (two for the price of one)

We're having a bit of a slow start with work today, so I figured I'd take the oppurtunity to get busy on stuff for the holidaze.

My mom had the *lovely* idea that we all had to knit at least one present for each other. Great idea....just wish she'd had it a bit more in advance since I'm not the worlds speediest knitter! Charlie, on the other hand, can whip stuff out like it's an Olympic sport or something.

But I'm smarter...

Day 25
Day 25 - I find I am using a much different palette with this bicycle series. I’m not sure why, though generally a cyclist’s kit is brightly coloured - as much for self-preservation as any fashion statement. "Share the Road" isn’t a priority for most motorists I’m afraid! Anyway. Onto today’s piece…after afixing the image, I contemplated colour scheme and drew on the image itself, using Jacquard Lumiere Olive Green as the base colour and then added Iridescent Copper.

The colour of the cyclist’s helmet kept tugging at me so I mixed up a bunch of tangerine orange using Liquitex Red Cad and Yellow Orange with a touch of Hansa Yellow for the greener side. I troweled that on quite thickly, streaking it across the bottom corner of the image - it was just looking too smug sitting there all angular and square edged. Heh. I I heated the paint and then laid in a plastic grid over top of the corner streak. As I dried it and it bubbled up I realized that I had subconsciously created a tire track. LOVE when that happens! I picked up the texture first with Payne’s Grey then Mars Black.

The orange was starting to grate a bit so I toned it down with a dry brush of Magnolia white (folk art paint). Using the remainder of my mixed tangerine, I diluted it to was over the image. It still looked a bit too stuck out in the open, so I added some swirly marks, doubled to look like bike tracks. Works for me!
2013 Nano Winner

Day 25

Marsh Wrens in sepia Memory(r) brush pen -- a Japanese writing pen.

This did not take long to paint but it took a longer time staring at the photos and getting my head into Asian minimalist art. For one thing I had to give up on perfectionism -- and then I started getting the swooping strokes that were perfect, described the curve of their little bodies just right. It's a strange mental state when I do brush pen painting seriously.

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I can has box now?

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The extent of my artage yesterday was some intense doodling on the information print-outs at my church study group last night. I no longer have it for scanning, though - once my classmates finally noticed, they started gawking and before I knew it the sheet of paper was passed all around, and one girl actually asked if she could keep it, so I gave it to her. That's why I have nothing to show for yesterday. :P

My teacher, bless her heart, saw this as an opportunity to advertise my deviantart page to them.

october 25

this evening was mostly working in the pencam book, trying to get caught up. i'm going to finish it!
it is pretty messy, garish and raw, but i think i am liking it rather well. mostly i am just pleased with myself for being consistent and diligent and creating a finished project. this weekend, i hope to work on the cover.

also worked on some collages tonight, but they are not finished. wet paint!

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day 25 - still weaving

Today's progress on this piece began a row or two below the striped band, and continued up the left side of the central motif. This is how I work the design elements in their correct places, with the aid of a cartoon pinned under the weaving.

I'm still debating if the striped band is a bit overpowering. I could remove one row of white and one of indigo, which was actually what my original design indicated. Given that there will be another stripe on the opposite side of the central motif, is it going to be too much?
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Today was an absolutely beautiful day in Seattle.  The sky was clear and deep blue with the occasional cotton candy cloud floating through but rich with the unusual lighting that fall brings.  The trees have slipped beyond colorful to that dark point where the leaves really should be gone but they have refused to let go of the trees.  I really wanted to get a picture during the day (for once) but work was absolutely brutal.  By the time I got out of work the sun had long given up on me so I was forced to take another "shot in the dark."  As I walked out of work I realized that the clear sky had stayed and there was a full moon.  I love the way a full moon changes views by lighting things that would normally be dark so I decided it would be a cityscape.  Unimaginatively (is that a word?) I drove to one of the most common viewpoints in the city and set up my tripod.  Once there I was determined to get a different shot than any of the 30M (at least) other people who have taken pictures there.  I felt like things were a little contrived and rushed but then, on the 4th pass (50 shots in) it grabbed me. 

Now look at the image, which is a tribute, then continue the long diatribe.
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One of my favorite bands of all time was from here in Seattle.  Their name was Pretty Girls Make Graves and they disbanded this summer.   They had a song from their early days that they rarely played in concert.  When we went to concerts (dozens) and they would ask for suggestions we would always shout, "Ghosts In The Radio!"  Sometimes they would see it was us and laugh and on many occasions they played the song for us.  I'm putting the
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  of one verse up to help you understand (nothing dirty, it's just a long post already) but it really fit the occasion.  I should note that there is rampant development that will, within months, block that green glow of the Camlin Hotel. .... I guess nothing really lasts forever and we know it.

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day 25

i did this layout fairly quickly. around 2-3am.
it just took a while to punch out all those letters.
did some doodling in my sketchbook this evening.
i wanted to draw, but couldn't think of a subject.
having another blah sort of day, so i just let myself doodle.
it doesn't help when breathing becomes a chore.