October 26th, 2007

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MOFOs Day 25: Yesterday Elsewhere

I spent a while painting today. But. I donno. I just doesn't feel like progress enough to post anything new. I feel like I'm just painting over the same sht over and over again. Rearranging the slightest insignificant things. Driving me nuts. Waste of web hosting >_<. Hating everything. Happens to us all. Cheers n' beers.

I went out drawing with a friend. It was suppose to be a plein airing session, but its cold, and I'm broke, and I don't have money to really afford to be painting plein airs so I just drew.

Drawing in the cold was short lived. But here's my offering: studies of 2 trees, and a dead catapiller that seamed to succumb to the coldness conveniently becides me on the picnic table where I sat. I guess he's a little out of place... feels like he's just floating off in space. I've been feeling a little like that today.

We gave in to the cold and got coffee instead at an old favourite drawing hangout that we hadn't visited since all the university students went home in late spring. It was filled with victims. I'm slow today though. My drawings are a bit more methodical and careful than they normally are. Part of me is hugely paranoid to draw so much... I'm running out of pencils and. Must use them on more important things. blah blah blah. Find a ballpoint pen idiot. Anyway.

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Full Speed Ahead...

Day 26
Day 26 - I went overboard with the bubbly texture today. I wanted so see what would happen if I left my heat gun on the paint for longer than I usually do. Turns out it bubbles - I already knew that but - it REALLY bubbles. And they travel. In fact, at one point I thought the entire surface of just painted Titanium White was going to completely bubble up. Think sealed plastic wrap on a bowl of pasta in the microwave and you’ll get the idea. Interesting!

I divided this image in three because, like a previous one, it was really too large for the 4 x 5" substrate that I’m working with. Division helps lessen its weight. Troweling paint between the pieces? Not so easy! But I eventually got it to work with a downward swipe with just the tip of my knife. After the bubble experiment, I didn’t like the excessive roundness so took my paint scrapper to it. Oooo! A whole NEW texture to play with! Word to the wise: make sure the paint is cool even cold before trying this kiddies or you’ll end up peeling rather than scraping the paint off. Luckily it was quite cool outside this morning and I let the paper really chill while I checked on how the bugs were doing cleaning my bird carcasses. Oh! Come on, you DID want to know that!

I played with a couple of other colours - grey, more Quin Crimson than shows up on the finished product and ditto, Mars Black - but it kept looking overdone. Maybe the texture needed the quieter palette. At any rate, I slubbed on some more Titanium White and then a slash of crimson on the right hand side. A circle to link the first two images, in crimson and the composition finally looked balanced to me. A few smudges of black to counter balance the intensity of the crimson and along the edges and it’s Full Speed Ahead!
2013 Nano Winner

Day 26

Day 26 dawned for me with crummy gray wet weather that seized up my joints, set off my fibromyalgia and kicked the cold into a drippy wheezing hacking stage where coughing doesn't produce much relief. Blech day. It was bound to happen that I'd hit a day that I felt unartistic, and the combination of aches, breathing difficulty and pure undiluted groggy laziness hit hard.

I did an article eventually, How to Draw a Bird's Wing and did its illustrations, but felt too lazy to draw the entire bird and didn't use a separate page for the last good drawing anyway, so here it is -- two inches by two and a half inches, the wing of an Anhinga. Remind me to draw the whole Anhinga in more detail some time, it's a beautiful black and white bird with a shape a lot like a heron.

If I feel any better later I'll put any more art behind an LJ-cut.

Day 26 - more weaving

Now that I have the central motif in place, I'm glad I added the two rows to each striped band. It does look better than the original idea. Sometimes, it is best to listen to what the thread wants to do.

I can't believe how fast this month is going by. I've become a bit of a recluse, because I needed more uninterrupted time for art. Going forward, I'll need to find a balance between this and the frenetic whirl that I have always been caught up in. I like the way I have become more comfortable in my own thoughts. I am enjoying the stillness of my Aerie.

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Yup, all I did today was doodle a bit.

It's grey, it's yucky, it's cold.

I'm stuck in a hotel room and bored out of my mind, wishing I had access to all my "goodies." (y'all tired of my whining about that yet, lol?)

Ah well, there are worse fates in life than grousing about how you wish you had more art space/time/supplies, right?
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day 26

not much in the way of art today.
messed around with something for my fandomarts66 table, but didn't finish anything.
spent the earlier part of my day, making sure i had everything i need packed up for the crop tomorrow.
plan to do as much as i can on the scrapbook tomorrow.
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MOFOs Day 26: Finally. Some Change.

I did a paint run and then got a bunch of things accomplished at the studio, including re-varnishing the moth paintings I finished before (I didn't like the high-gloss but I'm happy with them not - they were giving off too much glare and were really hard to photograph) and put hanging fixtures on some smaller pieces so I can list them on ETSY and hopefully get rid of some... maybe.. I think my work is too different for ETSY.. I may need to just find some better online avenues for selling work, but then I'm not sure. Ebay is really pricey too which isn't helping.

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I ended my work session painting with some drawing time. I got tired of moaning about not having any place to sit in my studio (I've been holding out on finding a couch until I get the ceiling in so I didn't have to move a couch around more than I had to while it was in my possession). I raided the figure drawing closet, and my own figure setup stash and made a little cozy corner on the platform in my studio corner.

I am so awesome. Mind you. It will be a lot more awesomer [sic] when I have a COUCH for over there, and some warmer blankets or something :p But this is definitely working for me now.

I started a piece to accompany the angel grinder:

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