October 27th, 2007


NaNo MoFos?

Is anyone here planning to do NaNo? I know robertsloan2 has done it before. I'm really torn this year. ArtSoMoFo has gotten me focused on visual arts and I'm loving that, but I miss writing. Especially the silly camaraderie of NaNo writing.

I tend to take on too many projects at once. I wanted to taking photos. My Etsy store will probably be busier for the holidays. I might be crazy to even consider writing a new novel in November.

I'm wondering what you guys are planning to do after October 31. Bask in the glow of a successful month creating? Continue making art through November? Or shift gears and do some novel writing?
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Day 27

This is the first day my post was not shot on that very day.  I shot the rough image for this on Monday the 22nd but really didn't like the final product.  I pulled it out today and started cropping, adjusting the lighting, trying special effects and voila.
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october 27

still almost-finished with several collages. finished this one. paint on some pages of the pencam book. a little disappointed that i did not achieve as much as i hoped today. i feel "behind", even though i am only in competition with myself. wandered around this afternoon and made many photos. that counts!

Day 27 - the year turns full circle

I started this volume of my journal about a year ago. One of the entries from last November includes my mother's apple pie recipe, which isn't in any cookbook. It just evolved over the years and I'm so glad I asked her to teach it to me. In mid-April, she died. There are only a few blank pages left in the journal, and it seems fitting to end the year where it began, with a recipe.

I just baked a batch of the Orange Rock Cakes. These are from my grandmother's cookbook, and my mother baked them, too. She added an orange glaze, because she thought the original recipe was a little dry and not sweet enough. Tomorrow is our circle's Samhain observance, and we will share the various foods that our departed ones enjoyed.

This page begins with a photocopy of the recipe, and the rest just evolved. It's a little rough and simple, but I am a bit tired. I honestly thought that I would not have enough energy left for art, but I have invested so much effort in getting to this 27th day of Artsomofo, that I didn't dare give up now.
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day 27

the word for today is productive. for that is what i was. :)
even though Google gave me awful directions and it took me forever to find the place.

i completed 4 layouts, which i made 3 times each.
and there 4 or 5 other layouts in progress.
(they needed additional photos or letters that i did not have with me.)
so i expect to finish several pages tomorrow, too.
i really think i might get these books completed in time for Christmas.

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