October 28th, 2007


Day 28 - refining the colour

I re-posted yesterday's image, just to show you how a little more shading and making an effort to tie the two pages together makes a lackluster page look more vibrant.

I shaded brown and deeper orange on the background, picking up the wrinkles in the paper. In the areas where I wanted more contrast, I highlighted with light grey and yellow green.

Makes a difference, eh?

The last of the bicycles...

As soon as I saw this image I knew I wanted to include it in this week’s theme - I mean what says "bicycle" better than one built for five?!? Plus it’s one of Hulton Getty’s and I just love his photos. A very wicked sense of humour that appeals to my very warped off-center outlook on life. Because I knew these would fall on the weekend and because I knew I would be tied up for most of Saturday I started these on one day and finished them today. They span both pieces of watercolour paper, sliced lengthwise to even further elongate the silliness. The full-sized pieces are further down.

I looked over the past days work and decided I hadn’t used enough Quin Gold - ironic because I really am forever sloshing it over anything that stands still. Honestly, if you want something to look aged, Quin Gold is your paint.

I did a very pale wash over everything with Nickel Azo Yellow and then went back over with a loose wash of Quin Gold. I heated up the spaces in between each image to bring out some bubbly texture and then decided to add some vertical lines in those spaces as well. I used a black Sharpie, medium and created varying widths. I figured that the horizontal nature of the bike could still use more vertical balance. Too much though, so I scaled it down with liberal coats of Quin Gold, Titanium white and some Mars Black accenting.

Oh so close. I had noticed a circular pattern from the previous collage near the first cyclist’s head and decided to add one with my Pigma .005 pen. What’s good for the goose… so I added one around each guy’s head and connected them all with a dotted line. With all the vertical elements I needed to add a further dotted line about 2/3s the way down across both pieces. And I was done!


Next week’s theme? Hands. And even though ArtSoMofO ends on Wednesday I want a full "set" of images so will continue on through next Sunday.
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Day 28

I came up with two very different photos for today and it was really tough to choose.  I selected this one because it was gritty and rough but still showed the fun and playfulness that was around me.

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finished more collages. *all* are now started and in progress. made one new pencam book spread and painted pages for the rest of the book. hoped to work on the cover, but it did not happen. did not clean kitchen or finish folding laundry. i guess on november 1, i will clean that kitchen, pay bills, pay attention to my poet and ...

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2013 Nano Winner

Day 28

How to Draw a Strawberry in Derwent Inktense was not as easy as it looked when I started it. I listed it as Moderately Challenging and recommend using a magnifier if you're not used to working that tiny, because I had to. Ow ow. I've been at this one allll day getting it done yet still, it came out bright and cheery and cool.

One thing I like about it is that my signature, done in the Outliner at an early stage, looks like a bruise on the bottom strawberry. It's just more realistic that one of them got skeeshed. I'd have had to do a bruise or something if I hadn't signed on the front as part of the piece.

And this thing has made me crave fruit that's not in the house, lol.