October 29th, 2007


Day 29 already

I went to the Japanese Garden yesterday to enjoy the gorgeous weather and take a bunch of pictures. Today feels like one of those days, so I have a feeling my creative activity today will be editing these. Here are a couple that I liked. I'm posting the others on my own journal in two batches.

The photos are grainy, probably because I had to reduce the quality in order to fit more on the memory card. It could be due to low light, I guess. Any of the more experienced photographers want to clue me in? Is there any way to fix that after the pictures are already uploaded to my computer?

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2013 Nano Winner

Day 29

No article this time, just another ACEO floral:

Medium is Derwent Inktense on 140lb watercolor paper, the same last sheet of a watercolor pad I'm finally using up that I did yesterday's strawberries on. It's a 9" x 12" watercolor pad, I liked it, I've used it for everything from color charting to serious large paintings... and now I've marked up eight ACEO spaces on the very last page because it has come to the end.

It's weird, I almost never finish up watercolor pads or sketchbooks of any kind, the last few pages will stay blank for years. I'll get a new one when it runs low and then start using the new one and forget those last sheets. But this time I had only one sheet left, decided to use it... and now I'm doing eight artworks on it, which is itself amusing. I'm having fun with it. Maybe I shouldn't try doing all ACEOs on 4" x 6" watercolor blocks, when I work that tiny it doesn't buckle much at all.

kkitten42 brought in an armful of catnip yesterday that she's drying, and gave Ari his own fresh branch. He's been wandering around stoned all night and all morning, silly cat is having a great time.

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Day 29 - Hands

Day 29

Day 29 - I’ve got the whole world in my hands … I love the gesture of the hands in this image - caring, gentle yet would allow the earth to fly away if it wanted. I actually attached the image to the bottom right hand corner but as I was working it was much stronger in the upper left - perhaps a nod to early kindergarten drawings?

I started with a wash of Burnt Umber, let it dry then added a wash of Quin Burnt Orange (qbo). I put down some painter’s tape - the old style paper kind, I find it works much better as a mask than the green or blue tape as it doesn’t harm fragile layers of ground/acrylics/paper - then washed some Antique cream (folk art paint) over the whole. Once the mask was lifted, I worked back into the rays with some straight qbo, as well as with some full strength cream on the ‘between beams’. I hold the paper in place while working to keep the edges clean.

I added Mars Black and qbo around the image leading into the beams. I smooshed some burnt umber into the textured recesses then a quick topping of cream. I think this is a really really strong image and a good start to another week.

october 29

working my tail ender off tonight. finished a bunch of collages, and am all caught up in the daily pencam book, to page 29! that's today! it seems the cover won't be finished by the end of the month, but the pages, definitely. the collages, definitely! i am having such fun, but jeez i'm tired.

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Day 29

Feeling a bit accomplished.  I got the images all adjusted and corrected and sent off for calendars from this month's work.  It was a lot of work for a Sunday but the discounts for doing it before the 31st were too great a temptation!  I ordered some spares so if anyone is interested I could probably send one along.

Right, almost exactly, at Day One anoisblue sent me a link to a whole group of images that all look like faces.  This is my contribution...

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Assembling Silverpoint Materials

Yesterday, I was exhausted and just rested. Today I went to work. Later, I assembled my silverpoint materials to begin traditional gessoeing some small wood panles I got for experimenting. Will be soaking the rabbit glue tonight if I can remember the proportions.

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