October 30th, 2007

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Still in the midst of turmoil over finding housing for my son...but less stressed out than I was last week.  We have a 2 week 
extension until he needs to be out of his apartment...

I actually did a lot of art over the weekend, but haven't got pictures transferred to my computer yet.  Here's a shot of the
local landscape that I took Sunday morning, and doodles I've done.  The princess is a design I'm working on for a 
doll that I'm making.  The flower and heart girls are drafts for ATCs with that theme.  The cat is a memory of my
sister's cat, Lillian.  And the skull is just another Halloween/Dia de los Muertos thought...

I finished two 4x4s over the weekend -- pictures to go up later today.  Also finished four ATCs, pictures to follow.  And the
princess doll -- I am really happy with how that is coming along.  It's sculpted with polymer clay & another pipecleaner
body (like the skeletons).  It's ultimately going into a glass jar as a sculpted captured fairy, and then going over to the UK
as a gift to a friend.  I have had a lot of fun decorating the jar, too...Not ready to take pictures of the fairy yet...


Day 30 - Body Transparent

Day 30
Day 30 - In contrast to yesterday’s image of ethereal freedom, this one is definately about "constraint" - physical or pyschological is your choice of interpretation. I used a combination of Iridescent Copper (fine) and Metallic Copper from Modern Options for the base and then patina’d.

I added the eyelets prior to the patinaing process so they’d blend a bit more with the background. Mars black and some more iridescent copper to pick up the bubbly texture. I used copper wire woven in the eyelets to reinforce the chain/shackles in the image.

The bottom still needed a little something extra and I added some marks with my trusty Pigma pen (.005) but didn’t like them and wiped off with a damp cloth. I reinforced the left hand corner with the pen and I liked that. Then thought some words would work. I sat with my box of cut-ups until something jumped out at me. A piece of text from a book on entymology, it was "the body is transparent" part that spoke out, hence my comment about physical or pyschological constraints. A wash of watery copper and mars black sloshed on and wiped off quickly to blend the paper and Day 30 is done.
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day 29

had really spotty internet connection yesterday, so this post is a day late.
finished 2 layouts early on.
spent the rest of the afternoon working on a 2 page football spread.
need more football printed paper and another photo to complete the spread.
this one was a little more complicated than the last several pages i've done.

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orange & green mini blank journal

green & orange - heart closure

4 signatures, 32pp, cream linen resume paper guts, fiber & button closure. handmade, one of a kind paper on the exterior cover, fine medium on light grey striped interior cover paper. decorative paper & wood spine. hand sewn binding. one of a kind blank book.
4.5 x 4.65 x .5 inches.
2013 Nano Winner

Day 30

Is it really almost over? I'm going to miss posting to artsomofo in a couple of days, it's sad. I can always come back and look over all the cool things everyone's posted and click on names to follow back to your journals. Hopefully I won't be the only one keeping up drawing every day or at least making some kind of image. I might be posting a few doodles, but I'm going to keep on. This has taught me so many things, including how much better I write if I draw every day. I need that art time to relax and get less obsessed, less perfectionistic, more freewheeling and experimental.

There are so many new things I want to try that I've seen y'all do.

I don't know how y'all feel about it, but maybe we can make this an annual tradition like NaNoWriMo is. Or keep it open year round for whoever's still posting -- maybe not every day but at least trying to art something weekly?

Here's today's: How to Draw a Sunflower in Pen and Watercolor in an easy style lots of my friends on Jackson Square used, the "do it yourself coloring book" style. Easy enough a beginner can do it from a tracing.

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day 30

it's been a busy day.
some of this was done after midnight. the rest this afternoon/evening.
i'm running out of photos and i need ink for the photo printer.
i initially struggled with how i was going to make the South of the Border pages.
i couldn't decide what color papaer to use, which Mexico-themed stickers to use.
but i finally figured out how to combine the elemets.
i like how they turned out.

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october 30

finished this collage. not exactly a favorite. laid paint on the endpapers of the daily pencam book. carved a pumpkin. washed dishes. cooked pumpkins seeds and ate so many i will probably have a stomachache! but no office tomorrow, i can stay home and finish up my month. then go to the dentist. )-: then come home and hope the trickortreaters leave me some chocolate! man, i can't *wait* to clean up my artTable. what a MESS!
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Day 30

I am really disappointed because this image is very similar to one I did earlier in the month but I couldn't have seen this coming!  The brand new WaMu Tower/Seattle Art Museum expansion downtown suddenly lit up like a jack-o-lantern tonight.  This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity as there is a tower under construction between that building and the waterfront so I just had to bite my lip and do it.  I shot from a different location and tried to vary my composition so that it would not be too repetitive.


day 30 - work in progress

It was a very, very late night and I had to invoke the rule that tomorrow does not begin until the sun rises or you go to bed. Fortunately, I did go to bed before the sun rose. So day 30 was a work in progress.

And now I'm awake, way too early for a person who will be making ritual at midnight. And somewhere in this hectic day, I have to art something.

Once again I have returned to the shrine theme, enclosing, framing, and celebrating who stands inside. The door posts and lintel, the symbol pi.