October 31st, 2007

An Invitation

Anyone who feels like continuing after tomorrow is welcome to come to my community http://myartistdate.livejournal.com and post art as little or as much as you'd like. It's also for delving into the muse and process and share that with each other.

I wasn't able to finish everything I wanted to here this month, so I will be continuing there as at least one person has wanted to stay in conversation with my work and process.

I have enjoyed much of the work here and it seems a big support system has opened up. I'm not sure if the maintainers here want to continue artsomofo beyond October. If so then I will stay here. Anyway, my community is available for posting.

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Happy Halloween!

Here we are at the finish line.

Here's a photo I took yesterday of my neighbor's yard. They've made their own holiday decorations out of plywood and paint. Every year the headless horseman comes out for Halloween. They have a shark that swims through the grass, too, but I can't remember what holiday he's for. He goes with the swimmer in the inner tube. Anyway, they're fun.

Halloween horseman

october 31


the daily pencam

unfortunately for the last day i had to sort of cheat. i am not at my office, so cannot download from the pencam! so i had to make today's shot with my jamcam. so only a small cheat? now onward to finish the book...!!
2013 Nano Winner

Day 31 Finale

It's the last day, so I set out to finish something big and important. lilcrabbygal will be happy to see this: Grandmama at Tathra, done!

This has been fantastic, and I know I'll be back next year! Thank you all for sharing great art, critique and personal inspiration. I've tried things I never thought I'd do, and killed procrastination dead in its tracks.

Day 31 - final official day of artsomofo

Day 31

Day 31 - Decided to change the shape of the image by cutting it as a circle, keeping the focus squarely (heh) on the pointing finger rather than on the elastic about to be let loose. I decided on Cad Yellow and Payne’s Gray as my 2 main colours, creating a wash of yellow on the right blending into gray on the left.

Keeping with the circular theme, I used sequin waste to overlay the texture on the wash backround being careful to mask over the image, fading from a light gray on the right to a darker, full pigmented gray on the left. Once dry I then over lay the sequin waste again and added some yellow to the right hand side circles only. I faded the yellow to Titanium white on the right as well.

I thought I’d like some text and used a transfer of handwriting but for the most part it didn’t work though you can still see some faint traces on the right hand side which I rather like. While quite a bit simpler than my last few pieces, I like how this one turned out. But then, I AM a sucker for circles!

Well done to all of you who managed to create something every day this month. I've thoroughly enjoyed looking at your work, following along on your journey. I'll miss the daily eye candy. As mentioned before, I will be continuing on this series until Sunday so I'll have a full set of 7. If you want to see the final pieces, please don't hesitate to friend me. xoxo

Happy Halloween!

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This is not all I arted today, but all that I'm willing to show. And, fortuitously, its imagery is timely! I am sad that October is coming to an end (and that I haven't the will to celebrate my most favorite holiday), but ArtSoMoFo really gave me a kick in the butt, like being boosted to the moon! I've made more stuff this month than any month, like, EVER. Oh, it feels wonderful!! Thanks to the brilliant founder of this challenge and my fellow [sic] challengees for inspiring me :-) Now... BOO!!!

day 31 - the end

This is where I am supposed to write something profound about the artsomofo experience. OK. Ahem.

Like many of my endeavors, completion and sticking to the programme were NOT what this was about. Community is what it was about. We were on a common journey, and we told our stories and kept each other going over rough ground.

I am weary from the daily aspect of this. Some of my days, like yesterday, are simply too long. What I will carry on the homeward journey is a renewed desire to journal. I have made peace with my journal and my self, and worked through some difficult feelings. Today's entry completes my eighth volume. 8 1/2 (an odd extra journal from last spring) has only one blank page, reserved for an entry about home. I think it's time I finish that journal also.

Before I turn back to my own slightly dusty and neglected LJ, I want to let you know that I appreciated your company very much. You've inspired me to try different techniques, and you have sustained me with your enthusiasm. Thank you.

october 31

i am finished!
profound words about the experience will have to wait until tomorrow.
(if ever? ha! i'm not very profound!)
i. am. just. too. tired!
however, i did accomplish what i set out to do and am pleased. it was hard, but fun and i really really enjoyed the group and the new works i have seen here.

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Day 31!!!!

I've tried to keep from being in a rut all month subject-wise but given my schedule it has been tough.  I have been trying not to exhaust any particular theme or subject matter but, dammit, neon is so great and you all seem to like it to so I went for it.  Maybe in the future I'll do a month of neon or neon during the day so you have to work harder to make it look good.

Thank you all for your support, words, inspiring images, etc.  I'll be around :)

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