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I am in my home and for the first time since I have moved here the air is clean. I cannot tell you how much of a nightmare a restlessness while being here has put my life in turmoil. I could never put a finger on what made me not be able to stay put in one area or another in my house. So, the very purpose of what I want to do in my home didn't happen. Somehting was wrong. I thought their was something mentally wrong with me but that didn't make sense as I have a strong mind and survival way. It didn't make sense. Last night I tried to FORCE myself to make art for artsomofo without getting up to get out of that room where I had set up to do work. I suddenly realized that maybe it was actually crazy instead of sane to force myself to keep put and draw. Up until yesterday I thought it was a self discipline problem that has been plaguing me the last seven months of my life. The odor problem as a danger sign was hidden enough to make me not realise what was going on with me artistically. I seriously thought I was a lazy good for nothing. I thought I had adult ADD or whatever. But that didn't make sense because I have a history of being able to focus on my art and work at it for hours and hours.I got stern and had the problem fixed in my home. I was slowly dying. The air is clean and now I can do art in one place without getting up. It may be past midnight, but I will get a work of art for here that will be made in one siting just like I did for you guys last year. Please be patient with me while I go through a recovery period.
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