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All of sudden things are beginning to snowball! Yesterday I scheduled the demolition of my house for next Friday, I've visited the model home site for my new cabin and will be working to arrange financing, construction, etc., so with work, construction, trips out of town every couple of days (and I'm leaving on October 22 for a week long cruise - "Where Creativity Happens) so realistically, I know I won't be able to paint and post every day. i'll post something over the weekend but just want to apologize and say that I have over extended. 

Everything is so different this year because of the flood.  Hopefully, once my home is rebuilt and I'm settled back into a normal day to day life style, life will slow down and I can resume some of the day to day activities that i'm not able to schedule right now.  Best wishes to all and I'll keep checking in to see how you are all doing!

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