Jen W (meadowood) wrote in artsomofo,
Jen W

Day 4

Continuing with my shoe theme:

Same background as previously mentioned - old collage gessoed, a coat of absorbent canvas ground with embedded textural elements - swishes of blue (can't think WHICH right now!) fluid acrylic and copper iridescent with a smidge of payne's grey for contrast. Adhered the image then used copper eyelets on top and bottom. But it didn't look finished so I added the leaf stamp in denim ink. And *that* didn't look finished so I added some black sparkle embossing powder (*sheesh* I'm all about the sparkly these days! whoddathunkit?!) and it was getting closer. So I decided to add cross-stitch to the sides of the image with copper wire - oh! so close. The circle and arrows (these crop up a LOT in my work!) did the trick. Voila! Day 4's a wrap!
Tags: day four, meadowood

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