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Day Four, Fairy Cakes and Flowers

 Well, the one thing I did learn today is that taking a picture of a fairy cake isn't as easy as one would think. Especially when you whip out your digi cam at the office and your backdrop becomes your cubical. But this was my attempted effort to photograph a faircake in the midst of office antics. 


Now why you say, "Why do you call them Fairy Cakes?, They are obviously cupcakes. Oh but on contrare... monfraire (is that even spelled right.) You can read my little post about it on my personal blog. That way I'm not killing you with redundancy...

For Day Four I worked on my mixed pieces again. It will be a set of 3. I'm going to use it as a submission to an art show in November. This will be the last digital editing and I will be off to a canvas to play. But, I also considering using wood instead of the traditional stretch canvas. I haven't quite convinced myself of it yet...
But, for your Day Four viewing pleasure... and



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