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Yesterday and today......

So, I'm trying so hard to do this art so mo fo every day thing.....; just moved back to the states from the Virgin Islands from 7 years ago, so there are still some hoops to jump through in order to REALLY, REALLY be here.  Yesterday I went to get my car registered and was told I could not have a tag without a GA driver's , license  so I had to complete a written and driving test; NICE!   But I SCORED and here I am agian!  Anyway, I'm sorry cause it's just a bit of something/shing but it IS something never the less!
If you saw my previous entry, you'll know that I was planning on a butterfly for my entry.  Here's the reason; I had a quadraplegic/musician  brother who died 22 years ago this week.  My Mom had an interlude with an orange monarch that brought to mind my brother's spirit.  Since then,  anytime I see an orange monarch I feel the presence of my brother.

Oh and this may be SO LAME but I plan to do 19 orange butterfly pieces because he was 19 when he died and he was my soul twin
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