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Oh no!!!!!!

 Hello Everyone:
     All this time I thought I was posting my entries to you.  Only to find out (through my friend Diana) that I have only been posting to my blog.  As my companion would say, "Du bist so blurred!"  Which means "You are so stupid!" in German.  Actually, I take no offence in it, it is a long story...  Will try to post my last two entries.  I was wondering why no one commented on my postings, duh?  Missed yesterdays posting because I ruined my blending stump, now what do I use?  I thought I could peel away a layer, you know like one of those pencils that has the string.  So, will try to get a post in later today.  Hope someone gets a laugh out of this entry, I know I did!

Be well,
CrystlMgck (aka "m")


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