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Day 3 & 4

This morning I got out my newest board book, but found I'm still battling that "perfectionistic" thing.  I remember when I was younger I could just cut out pictures and paste them down and not put so much thought into it.  The last couple years I have really struggled with wanting everything to "work the right way".  So I collect piles of images and have all these ideas scribbled down, but can't seem to go forward sometimes without over-thinking things.  I REALLY want to try and get back to working in a less structured way.  That's a big part of what I hope to accomplish this month -- just doing something rather than procrastinating or agonizing about every detail...

Last night I finished up some more bottlecap ribbons and actually colored some of those Blue Dog ATCs.  Here's a "Blue Merle" dog and one ribbon.  The ribbons are great fun -- I've used quite a few scraps and feathers from old Halloween masks that I've picked up in past shopping sprees.  I used those Copic markers that my son left here when he moved out to do the ATCs.  I'm not sure I like how those marker handle -- or, at least, I need to get used to the flow of the ink.  They do seem to be really good matches for this particular set of ATCs.  

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