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Day 5

I'm at work!! I need to run home. Also I'll be out during the weekend. I'll have to post Day 6 & 7 upon my return. 

Since I'm prepping to do a few transfer pieces. I thought I'd play with elements again and get the feel for what I want to use for the base of my work. The attached piece is called Urban Decay, at least for now. 
It's a transfer onto canvas with acrylics and ink. 

I'm not loving it as much as I'd like. I think I need to play with more paint. I'm not feeling it... it's bad to me. 

But, it's what I did for Day 5

Oh last thing, since I'm running late and don't have time. I'll have to comment on other submissions when I return. Can't wait to see them!! I hope that's okay. Thanks....
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