Robert A. Sloan, author of Raven Dance (robertsloan2) wrote in artsomofo,
Robert A. Sloan, author of Raven Dance

A short bio/introduction

Oops, forgot about this -- but my art post was big anyway, and bordered on needing an LJ-cut.

I am a 53 year old disabled writer living in Lawrence, Kansas with my beautiful adopted daughter Kitten42, her husband HeraldoftheAbyss, my grandchildren Sascha and Gaby, our Siberian Husky puppy Zoe (almost a year old) and my seven year old faithful Siamese sidekick, Aristophenes Mr. Robert's Cat Sloan, aka Ari Cat >^..^< in my sig line. People on various mailing lists that are private wonder why I sign my partner's name with mine and feel alarmed until they find out he has fur and doesn't type in English.

I am also an experienced street portraitist who's recently come out of retirement from professional art when both careers abruptly fused on my nonfiction project: Street Sketching I: Portraits. I do not have an art school degree or an art and design degree from any university. Though I had some art classes in college, I didn't get much out of them compared to either high school art where I got to try lots of new mediums and discovered Conte crayons, or especially from how to draw books. My best credential for writing a how to draw book is that I've spent three years learning how to write How To after some thirty-odd (sometimes very odd) novels, and drawings by people I've taught art in person.

I hope to collect some student drawings from beta readers to put in my book when it's done, so that I've got the same credential in print that worked when I ran classes in person down in New Orleans. I've lived in every major region of the continent and traveled a lot, usually by moving out of state. I've lived in several different socioeconomic strata and still like bohemian self employment best. Though "professional cripple" is hard to beat for a day job after seven long years of applying for it.

My novel Raven Dance is available at Amazon. I've sold two short pieces for pro rates, $75 and $100 respectively, and hunger for more, that was nice money for writing. My current fantasy novel is "The Hunt" in edit stage, set in the magical Pleistocene with sabertooth spirits helping the good shamans against the evil Blood Eaters cannibal tribe's black magic. My other nonfiction project is "The Shelter Stories," a memoir of three and a half years I spent at a homeless shelter in New York.

So I had a rough life and a lot of adventures, but much of the rough stuff is past. I had surgery twice in 2006 and think I'm done with that unless my appendix blows or something nasty like that. I smoke moderately, drink a lot of coffee, eat meat and fats and thrive on a diet that would make most people sick and fat. Oh and I never exercise, it's bad for my health. The up side of my disabilities. :)

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