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The Weekend

Sunday I pretty much finished the cover for my altered book for a round robin that will start November 1st.  This started out as a small, white satin photo album from a wedding.  I've completely recovered it in super soft dark red faux suede.  The theme of this project was "dark" books -- my album is "Dark Hearts & Winged Things".  The bird and charms on the front were assembled from items I've collected in the past.  I glittered a piece of chipboard and put gold leaf on another to make the backing behind the bird.  I added antique lace, dark feathers, a rhinestone heart charm and fake roses to the front.  The little stars around the bird are not glued down yet.  I am not sure that's what I really want to do needs something.  Ideas?

Saturday I helped my friend set up her new Etsy shop.  She is totally a non-computer user and it was pretty much like pulling teeth.  For my daily art, I created a banner for her shop.  I thought it looked really nice, but she's got strong opinions.  And since she's the shop owner who am I to argue!  So yesterday I reworked the banner based on what she wanted.  She's now got a bright red banner background with aqua lettering.  It hurts my eyes but if she makes sales, what the heck, who am I to complain!  (Hope I'm not overstepping here -- you can see the banner by searching for susansilvermanart on Etsy -- and there you can see the red background banner that she liked best...)   The banner is based on her art -- all I did was create the banner and set up the lettering.  She was still trying to cut and paste paper to make a banner, and was going to have me scan it this was a major step forward in technology for her.

Friday I did some ATCs but and husband took off with the camera so early Saturday that I didn't post pictures.  I finally looked at what I'd shot and something was seriously out of whack.  I don't know what happened, but three of the four are very blurry.  Still learning about my digital...geez...almost a year and sometimes I still don't have a clue.  Anyway, here's two more of those Blue Dog ATCs...I switched paper, and the Copic markers worked much better on this stuff.

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