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Robert A. Sloan, author of Raven Dance

Day Nine, first drawing...

I did another eHow article, How to Draw a Siamese cat in colored Conte crayons, which I listed as "moderate" instead of "moderately challenging" because I suggested tracing and transferring the kitty photo instead of trying to sketch the cat from a photo before doing the drawing. Here's the art, another larger, cooler piece in the series...

This time I remembered to make a 150dpi version as well as the 600dpi high resolution version for DeviantART.

I got a $50 bonus offer from the editors at eHow if I do ten more articles before the 19th. I'd make that count even if I just do one every day with my drawing of the day, but I'm going to do at least one more today anyway to get ahead on it. I'll edit this post and put them under an LJ-cut if I do more, though odds are they will be easy beginner articles like "How to draw a skull" and other holiday-icon things, almost cartoonish but fun. I want to spread out the difficulty levels so expert artists don't get bored with everything being easy-beginner stuff.

I did a short "Easy" rated article on How to Draw a Skull and did a cartoon skull and crossbones for it. Not my best, not my worst, not too bad for a toon:

Two down, eight to go! I'm going to do this thing... that bonus still has me all jazzed! I didn't realize how much I missed selling art. And this is for selling writing, something always more of a big deal to me.

Later, after Deviant friend ziza-66044 came over for our Tuesday night art-fest, I picked up Djinn and finished it! This is one of three extreme realism colored pencil pieces I'm doing as an art trade for lilcrabbygal, which is late by, oh, two years, maybe a bit over two years now due to intervening surgery and little health problems like what the tumor did to my body energy before the surgery and moving out of state and annoying interferences like that. I loved the projects and I've been ruminating on them forever while waiting to be up to working on them. Started actually working on them back in February but they crawled like iced molasses... and now one of the three is DONE! Absolutely for cool for real done, just needs matting. Whoohoo!

Earlier stages and the underpaintings for the other two projects are posted in my Scraps at deviantART where lilcrabbygal has already seen them. One is Done! Finito! Whoohoo today was one productive day!
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