coffeelatteme (coffeelatteme) wrote in artsomofo,

Carrying my camera

I've had a lot of trouble with Live Journal the past two days -- I am really haveing trouble loading photos.  Last night I finally just gave up in frustration after getting a lot of page error messages.  Tonight things seem better..fingers crossed. 

I've also been carrying my camera with me each morning when I walk with my dog. Thanks for that suggestion -- it's something I don't usually do just walking the neighborhood.

The colors yesterday morning were fantastic & the leaves definitely inspired the gluebook page I started working on last night: RED  

Here's a couple pictures I snapped yesterday morning.  I took new photos of the same tree today -- the colors are already different and a deeper, wine red.  And how about that sunrise?

Nothing made by me that I'm ready to post yet today, but I did sort through a stack of clippings this morning before I left for work, and hope to finish up a page or two before I head to sleep.
Tags: coffeelatteme, day ten

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