Mandy Jordan (junquegrrl) wrote in artsomofo,
Mandy Jordan

Day 11

My friend firinel posted a link to a yummy recipe for cream of curried cauliflower and apple soup and since I don't usually cook, this seemed like a legitimate flexing of my creative muscle. I popped down to the store to pick up cauliflower and garam masala, and bought some fresh bread too. The soup was a hit with Eric and I felt nurturing AND artisitic :-) (Thanks, Fin!!)
[edit:OH! Fin posted a link to this and I futzed with it a little bit. I pureed some silken tofu and used that instead of cream, substituted veggie stock for the chicken stock, used basil instead of chive for a garnish and threw in some cayenne pepper for extra heat and lemon juice for a little acid. It was missing a certain richness - next time I think I'd substitute one cup of broth with light coconut milk.]
Tags: day eleven, junquegrrl

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