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Way early on Day 12

Another article: How to Draw an Original Fantasy Map for your Fiction. I drew it and wrote it because a NaNoWriMo member asked for help learning how to draw fantasy maps on the Fantasy forum. I remembered how popular a post on doing fantasy maps was in 2000 on a big writing site and did one from scratch for the article:

I like fjords as much as Slartibaartfast does.

What's hilarious is that coming right before Nanowrimo, I might actually also use this one for this year's Nanowrimo novel. My main character's an intelligent horse. That terrain looks horrible for horses, between swamps and mountains and forests and sea voyages. So it could make the novel lots of fun and full of challenges the poor heroic critter was never meant for. No matter how smart he is, he's scared of snakes. Horses are. And swamps are so full of snakes...

Edit -- adding in an

Because of the terms of the contract I just got from DemandStudios, I'm not posting every single image I create for a How To article. But, I can link to the articles so you can see them. DemandStudios purchases copyright to the article and its images completely in the original contract wording, something I had questions about including what to do if I used someone else's photo with their nonexclusive permission? I can't go signing away lilcrabbygal's photos exclusively to my work-for-hire writing contract. So I queried about that and my salable professional art resulting from Moderately Challenging and Challenging articles. If they don't amend the boilerplate contract, no great loss, I'll just report the easy articles to them that only get phonecam photos and quick sketch art that isn't for sale on eBay or posted anywhere else. I wanted that clear in writing just like I always asked landlords if they allowed one neutered cat -- and then made them strike the boilerplate No Pets clause and write in permission for one neutered cat or for cats before renting the apartment.

This is because I can do eHow articles that aren't submitted to DemandStudios along with the ones that are, so I'm good either way. Here are the links to two Moderately Easy articles I wrote and drew for today:

How to Draw Halos for Religious Art includes a funny cartoon at the first step and some reasonably cool Madonna and Child renderings in Pitt Artist Pens with golden halos.

How to Draw with Brush Pens was a natural outgrowth of that one when I searched and no one had written that one. I wound up wandering into sumi-e technique made easy, because I find all the sumi-e techniques a lot easier in brush pen even if they don't give the shaded light and dark effects.

Brush pen drawing has done a lot for loosening up my other art and letting me become more spontaneous. I used to be welded to a technical pen and tight meticulous crosshatching and stippling, and loved technical pen for its clean exact width of line. I switched from Rapidographs to Pigma Microns because I didn't kill those with leaving them unused for weeks and months at a time, but still stuck to thin precise lines till I bought the Pitt Artist Pens. They're permanent India ink, reasonably lightfast unlike most markers, and the six color wallet sets have very good ranges for six color wallet sets. No black in the grayscale set but black is available separately. They're fun. I'll add this bit of a micro review here since I am not supposed to mention brand names in articles any more without some very good reason, facts that get included in the article and are relevant to its topic.

Choosing a Brush Pen might go into brands, but this article's on drawing with them. That's the same whatever brand you use.

I got the Style Sheet too and it was inspirational. It may actually cut down the amount of time I spend per article writing.

Hope you don't mind my coming in and editing in links. I did have more artworks today, they're posted at eHow and I like them even if I'm not putting them at DeviantART till I know how they respond to my query.
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