coffeelatteme (coffeelatteme) wrote in artsomofo,

Gluebook, Collage and Just Letting It Be's what I've been working on in. I like doing these little montages for posting on my Flickr photostream. The red pages aren't quite done to satisfaction, but I'm trying hard to just let it be. Stop playing around with it and go forward.

What I did to get started was sort through a big pile of clippings that I've collected. I pulled out all the reds. The theme is sort of my mental battle to put the glue in place -- I am always worrying that I will do it "wrong" and be totally dissatisfied with the results. So, wrinkles and all, here it is. I had a good time working on it. There are enough pages to do one in each color of the rainbow plus white and black.

Tags: coffeelatteme, day twelve

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