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Jen W

Day 11 & 12...

The last couple of days have been a real struggle with this theme and I'm not sure why. Maybe the photos aren't speaking to me. Well speaking to my muse at any rate or maybe I'm trying too hard or maybe I'm just preoccupied with real life right now. Whatever the cause these two featured here were hell on earth to wrestle to the ground and frankly, today's I'm STILL not happy with. But onward and upward.

Day 11 - I haven't been using a textured plain base as with the Shoes and maybe that's causing me gried. Regardless, I laid down a thick layer of Quin Crimson with a touch of Payne's grey. The combination caused a purplish haze that I wasn't too thrilled with so once dry (by the way, I just about ALWAYS use a dryer for quick results - I'm not above letting the paint bubble too for added texture - just thought you might like to know!) I laid a piece of canvas grid over and dry brushed some gloss black over the base colour. Once that was dry I went back in with some quin crimson and titanium white. Glued down the house and the number 27 popped into my head so stencilled that in Quin Crimson. I wonder if this house's street number was indeed 27?!?

Day 12 - Double "ugh" for this one. The base started out with a combintion of sparkly copper, Pthalo Blue Green and some sort of yellow - frankly the whole creation is a blur because it headed from bad to worse to I HATE THIS to blecccchhhhhhhh! I did lines. I did swirls. I did circles. I stitched the photo onto the substrate. I added some more marks. I stencilled some squares. I covered up the swirls. I scrubbed out the lines. I peeled the top coat of the photo. I despaired. I covered up some more of the marks and added some more squares and called it a day. I still don't like it but I've run out of time. And sometimes that's what happens in art making. It ain't all roses and blue skies, folks! Just sayin'.
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