Sheba (shebaduhkitty) wrote in artsomofo,

Dress Forms

DSC03010, originally uploaded by shebaduhkitty.

Today was the Washington State Art Educators Art Conference held at the International Academy of Design and Technology in South Center. Our workshop sessions were held in rooms that were like the set of project runway (which you all know I season starts in Novemeber) so I had to take some photo ops of all the dress forms.

Despite how small and kinda lame the conference was, I presented on podcasting and that went super well! I connected with some other teachers and made some pottery and 'recycled trash' sculpture. BONUS the traffic was awesome both ways so it took me less than an hour there and back. which is unheard of! so overall it was a good day.

So to recap my art today included making a clay rattle, a sculpture of toilet paper tubes and tons of photography.


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