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Photo a day

Stefny68 suggested that I try taking daily shots of the same leaves.  That actually is what I've been doing. It's interesting how the light during that part of the day, and weather conditions, affect the colors.  The leaves themselves are only subtly different, but the color and contrast varies a lot.  So, this may not be fine art created by me, but I think it's a developing discipline -- to focus on a specific aspect of my world every day...and remember to carry the camera. 

My finger was still too tender to do much yesterday.  Even drawing hurt.  As a result, I didn't get a lot done.  But I did spend a good portion of the afternoon at the flea market.  For around $30 I bought a photo album filled with over 100 fantastic 1940s pictures -- including some pictures from Nagoya and Manila in 1945 (just after those areas had been bombed), a handful of old cabinet cards & French post cards that I will either use for altering or trade, and a fantastic 1890s booklet that is falling apart (I will use that for the altered Dark Hearts book.)  Late in the evening I worked on some Zettiology ATCs that I will post later on and sorted out some clippings for today.  I was able to cut and paste fine last night, so hope today to be able to work on more truly artistic endeavors. 

Photo one below, from yesterday morning, is "the same leaves".  Photo two is some of those whirlygigs that I hardly ever see anymore...


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