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Oct 1 - 14, book madness

book stash - good witch bad witch shop

i guess you can tell what i have been doing this month.

pictured above are several of the one of a kind handmade, hand bound books featured in the good witch/bad witch shop. the square books are 4x4 inches, and the long books are 4x8 inches.

each is hand sewn, embellished, and one of a kind. the interior covers are largely collaged with torn dictionary page bits. the covers are either of handmade paper, collaged, or hand drawn and painted. no two are identical. mmmm. book love.

for many of the square books, i used those water soluble oil pastels, which i had never used before. i am not sure how i feel about them, but i like the look of them for some things. a couple of these journals are all paper with collage elements, but those are mostly buried under the energetic drawn/painted ones. also, i started doing some japanese stab bound ones. i went a little button crazy. i think buttons are the thing for October. at least in my studio!

you can see more details of various books in my good witch bad witch flickr set. there are also some cards there which i have been working on, featuring mini watercolors.

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