Jen W (meadowood) wrote in artsomofo,
Jen W

Week of Chairs

Day 15 - The base of these pieces remain the same - previous collage on watercolour paper that have been cut to 5 x 4" size and gessoed. I also added a coat of Golden’s Absorbent Ground (Canvas) with textural elements pressed in. Gluing down the magazine image, I realized the colour of the chair was almost exactly the shade of an"Old Paper" ink pad I have. I rubbed that over the textured background hitting the highlights, leaving the lowlights the colour of the canvas ground. I rubbed the chair image with a damp cloth to really press it into the background thereby bringing up the honeycomb texture through the paper. I love magazine images for this! It’s so easy to incorporate them into a collage piece as the image colours can be feathered into their surroundings so easily. Yum! A scumble of dry brushed Payne’s Gray, wiping off to create a soft cloud effect finished the piece off. I’m in love with this one!
Tags: day fifteen, meadowood

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