2013 Nano Winner

Day 3 - Oil Pastel Sketches

Today I got a happy surprise - three new sets of oil pastels in a new brand I'd never heard of. So I tested them and charted their colors, getting ready to review them on my Oil Pastels site. They're a fun brand. One of the boxes, the Homerun PAS 47 color set claims excellent lightfastness, the other two don't mention it so I have my doubts.

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2013 Nano Winner

Day 2 - lots of art!

Lots of art on October 2nd. I have new medication and it's knocking the pain down even if it's also sometimes raising the fatigue.

Life sketches in pastel pencil...

Two acorns from memory to test two different brands of washable pens for Pen and Wash techniques.

Tortie-tabby cat stalking in the shadows, I loved playing with the light on her. Pastel Spotlight challenge on Wetcanvas.

Strawberries in a dish, also for the Pastel Spotlight at WetCanvas.

Still counts as the 2nd because I haven't been to bed yet, it's less than an hour into the 3d.

Day of Reflection

Today was more about reflection than making art. My school work in Chinese studies is very connected to visual symbolism. There are many things to learn. Although I didn't partake in drawing the creative process was very alive today.

I did draw yesterday...

I did draw yesterday, however I kinda felt feeble at it. It did bring up some inspiration though. A small Chinese wooden turtle on my desk was the focus of attraction. It ended up wonky though so I gave up.

I guess it's OK to show as part of a Curiosity In Process. CIP.

My Monthly Projects here...

I'd like to get four to five paintings done and perhaps some drawings done of musicians while performing. Working awhile each day on something more involved works better for me than one piece a day. When I try that it seems the quality goes down over time for some reason. Being engaged in one project over days works better because the thinking over time deepens the work.

First Day! Welcome!

Good afternoon! Today is the first day here for the annual all October making art in 2011. It's a place where some of we artists come and share daily made art. It can be for making a simple piece per day or whatever daily challenge you want to invent for yourself. Or it can be for working on one large piece all month in tidbits. Or it can be for making any amount of art in between. You don't even have to show your work but post each day that something is happening and be around supportive people doing the same thing.

Anyway, we are here...